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The Philippines, a vast country of variant ecosystems has more than the usual rainforests, more than the usual montane forests, more than the usual mangrove swamps, marshes, grasslands, and coral reefs among many others. They embody a staggering collection of wildlife habitats and diversity. They often get overlooked, considering that many of these species are unique to the archipelago. More than 190 reserves, protected landscapes and seascapes, and natural parks, are designed to protect the lifestyles of the indigenous people who reside in these environments.

The most popular species wo watch for are the famous "Butandings" aptly called the "gentle giants" of Donsol, Sosogon, an inordinately large number of whale sharks that make an appearance every year. In 1998, more than 90 whale sharks gathered at the mouth of Donsol river. Locals insist that they have historically convenged there. Hundreds of marine scientists, tourists and enthusiasts arrive in Donsol each season to swim and snorkel with these remarkable creatures. Go wild over whales as whale-shark watching season begins on February 1 and runs until May 31.

The technique for swimming with the shale sharks is quite simple, peaceful and awe-inspiring. First, hire a boat and a spotter, find a shark, bring your snorkeling gear and slip into water alongside these magnificent creatures. You will only be needing your snorkel since scuba-diving and flash photography are prohibited, as the latter sends them for cover immediately. Holding on to the animals is also neither encouraged, nor recommended.

Go wild over wildlife with more sightings of other varied animal life in the country and add excitement to trips and excursions outdoors. The tamaraw, the country's largest indigenous animal, is confined to the island of Mindoro and fewer then 350 are thought to remain. Other animals you should not miss are endangered Philippine crocodile and the tiny Philippine tarsier, one of the country's most endearing mascots, with its large eyes and long, skinny fingers. The national bird and symbol, the Philippine eagle, is a magnificent predator that feed on small monkeys, but unfortunately, an endangered species as well. A great variety of colorful lizards and birds, large and small, can also be spotted all over the archipelago.

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