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HongKong MapAs the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong is a popular tourist attraction besides being an important financial market of the world. Situated in the southeast corner of China and east of Pearl River's (Zhu Jiang) entrance, it connects with Shenzhen city in the north and occupies an area of 1,092 square kilometers (422 square miles). Hong Kong has a total population of 6.78 million, of which 96 percent is Chinese, and the rest are various nationalities. English and Chinese are the official languages in Hong Kong


According to historical records, since the Song Dynasty (960 ~ 1279), people inhabiting small villages lived on the production of incense sticks, which were then shipped from a nearby port (called "gang"). Hence the village gained its name Xianggang, which became Hong Kong in English. In ancient time, Hong Kong belonged to Guangdong Province. After the Opium War in 1842, it was handed over to Great Britain as a colony. Upon Hong Kong's return back to China in 1997, it was made a Special Administrative Region. Thus, the policy of "one country, two systems" has been successfully implemented from then on.

Where to go ?

Located by the ocean, Hong Kong's climate is a sub-tropical. Both spring and autumn are sunny and comfortable, with the temperature is averaging at about 23C. Summer with an average temperature of 28C is sweltering and humid. Winter is dry and cool, with an average temperature of 17C. So in the summer and winter, Hong Kong is respectively neither, too hot or too cold. This makes Hong Kong a year round travel destination. Of course, ideally speaking, spring and autumn are the best time for a visit.

Hong Kong is geographically and administratively divided into three main regions: Hongkong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Kowloon and New Territories border on Guangdong Province and the famous Victoria Bay is between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Hong Kong Island side is the main island in Hongkong. The central part of Hong Kong Island is the business center, which is also an important venue for international trade and finance. Its towering skyscrapers and bustling activities give an impression of great wealth and prosperity. Boasting both eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is both a shopper's and a tourist's paradise. Recommended attractions on this wonderful island are Ocean Park, with the longest pedestrian escalator in the world, which is the largest leisure theme park in southeast Asia; Victoria Peak, with the oldest Peak tram, which is the highest peak on this island and Hong Kong's most enduring tourist attraction; and the Hongkong Convention & Exhibition Center, with its grand architecture and luxurious decor.

Kowloon side is the trading estate and residential area of Hong Kong, while Tsim Sha Tsui is the liveliest section in Kowloon. Shopping malls in Kowloon are numerous and this makes Hong Kong one of the top shopping destinations in the world. In Kowloon, the Star Ferry is very popular among tourists for a very inexpensive fare, and you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of Victoria Harbour on it. Besides, it runs regularly every few minutes and only takes about ten minutes of your time.

New Territories side is the farm belt of Hong Kong. Most local residents and immigrants would rather live here than anywhere else, because it is located in a rural setting far away from the bustling business center. Here you can see the rapid growth of Hong Kong's new town, Sha Tin, and take in the sights of small farms, rustic countryside and pretty coastline on the Sai Kung Peninsula

Hong Kong varies its offered experiences from the quieter and more relaxing that one finds by visiting its small fishing village to the more active day and night lives found in a metropolis. It is the entry gate to China in one direction and to the world in the other direction. At the beginning of the 90's, a bronze Buddha statue was built in Hong Kong. Standing at 34 meters in height and weighing 250 tons, it is the world's largest bronze Sakyamuni Buddha statue and one of Hong Kong's newest tourist attractions. In addition, Hong Kong is also home to famous film stars like Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fatt and Jet Li.

Maybe you have seen a lot and known much about Hong Kong from the silver screen. Why not come here to see this wonderland in person? A memorable time awaits you in Hong Kong.

Victoria peak

Victoria PeakVictoria Peak, overlooking the west of Hong Kong Island, is the highest peak on this island. It is the most enduring tourist attraction in Hong Kong, with the city's oldest transport, the 112-year old Peak Tram and Hong Kong's icon and most unusual building, Peak Tower.

The peak rises 1,805 feet above sea level. In the early colonial rule, Victoria Peak was accessible only to Hong Kong's high society while the common could visit the peak by permit from the colony's governor. Today, Victoria Peak is a world -renowned scenic spot. By ascending the peak you come to experience the dazzling panorama of Hong Kong Island, the harbor, Kowloon Peninsula and the hills beyond.

Moreover, the peak offers visitors fantastic entertainment, dining and shopping options. You find a wide selection of restaurants and boutiques selling souvenirs, clothes, and gifts in the Peak Galleria and the Peak Tower.

Peak Tram.

The Peak Tram is still the best means to get to the top. It is a funicular railway that carves a steep 373-meter (about 1224 feet) swathe up the lush hillside. It started operating in 1888 and has, over the last century, served the city well. The track is 1400 meters (4592 feet) long. It runs along the shortest yet most scenic route to the Peak, taking about 7 minutes. The steepest incline, at May Road, is 27 degrees to the horizon. The Peak Tram is both quick and safe, because it is run on a computerized electric drive system. It automatically does a safety check before every trip.

The Peak Tram is scheduled to run daily every 15 minutes, between 7:00am and midnight, including Sundays and public holidays.

Peak Tower

The Peak Tram pulls into the Peak Tower, the icon of Hong Kong, on its last stop. Peak Tower sits at an elevation of over 396 meters (about 1299 feet) with a commanding view of the spectacular Victoria Harbor, Kowloon and the New Territories. Commissioned in 1993 and completed in May of 1997, the tower is a center of catering and amusement. The most spectacular attraction is the wonder hall, which is called "Believe it or not". It is the unique chain museum in the world, constructed by Robert L. Ripley in 1930. Inside the hall you see exhibits portraying the adventurous events experienced by Ripley. There are primitive forest, beauty taking sun bath, frenzied car, turning tunnel, shark aquarium, ultimate cruel torture, marvelous spectacles of human race and animals, complete works of tongue twister and mass media fun station etc.

If you have enough time, you may go around Harlech Road and Lugard Road on both sides of the peak, which is the vantage point to view both sides of Victoria Harbor, Kowloon Peninsula and even the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir and Island district on the southern part of Hong Kong.

ocean park

Ocean ParkOcean Park, lying between Aberdeen and Repulse Bay, is the largest leisure paradise in Southeast Asia, and one of the largest marine parks in the world. Covering a total area of over 200 acres, the park was built on both sides of the mountain. A cable car system links the lowland and headland sections and provides spectacular views of Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

There are over 40 major attractions in this park

Marine Land - Mysterious Underwater World

Upon entering this marvelous world, you'll be mesmerized as the exciting mystery of the underwater world unfolds in front of you. Atoll Reef, the most popular attraction of Marine Land, provides a chance to view more than 2,000 fish. There are 250 species of fish; including an 80 year old, 6 foot long Giant Grouper. Atoll Reef also boasts the largest number of Napoleon fish to be found in any aquarium in the world.

If you're brave enough, take a walk through Asia's first underwater viewing tunnel at the Shark Aquarium. This is perhaps the only place where you can come face-to-face with more than 70 sharks and rays from over 35 species. Among them, over 11 splendid species are cared for through Ocean Park's very own captive breeding program, including the Black Tip Reef Shark and the rare Pygmy Swell Shark. Remember to keep you young children close to you; they may be frightened by those jRoller Coasterumbos!

If your children are still trembling with fear from the sight of all those sharks, take them to the Ocean Theatre. Here, adorable marine mammals showoff their spectacular tricks. Intelligent dolphins and serious sealions take centrestage - jumping, diving and somersaulting. These superb antics are sure to thrill your children and keep them glued to their seats
Of course, you can't miss Ocean Park Tower - a magnificent 72 meter tall tower that offers you a chance to enjoy the most spectacular view of the South China Sea.

Headland Rides - Games for Brave Man

If you're more adventurous, various thrilling rides in headland should satisfy your need for excitement. The longest roller coaster in Hong Kong takes you for a hurricane speed super ride, flipping through its famous loops, twisting and turning to give you the ride of a lifetime. In addition, the Eagle Ride, Crazy Galleon and the Flying Swing, where you're swung in chairs as high as 7 meters through a gyrating wave-like motion, all offer thrilling rides that will leave you screaming for more. Think this will satisfy your need for speed?

Of course, if you're not a thrill-seeker, you can relax on the Ferris Wheel, a more sedate, but still fun, ride that you can enjoy with the entire family.

Hong Kong Disneyland

A magical kingdom of Dreams

A realm of Adventure.

A place where the fantasies of yesterday and tomorow come to life.

This is Hongkong Disneyland...


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