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In lieu of my credit card imprint, I _________________________________________ authorize

Manila Forwarder Group to charge the amount of _______________ to my credit card for the payment of:




    • These are strict requirements for approval of your payment.
    • Please include a copy of your passport or any valid ID (Company ID, Driver's License or State ID).
    • Please email or fax back completed form to +1-818-700-1555 (US) or +632-921-7924(PH).
    • There is a 3% bank surcharge for credit card payments.
Name on Card: ______________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: ______________________________________________________
Expiration Date: ______________________________________________________
Issuing Bank: ______________________________________________________
Billing Address: ______________________________________________________
Home Address: ______________________________________________________
Home Tel No: ______________________________________________________
Fax No: ______________________________________________________
Work Address: ______________________________________________________
Work Tel No: ______________________________________________________
Fax No: ______________________________________________________
Type of Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex): _______________________________________
Last 3 digit (Located at the back for VISA or MASTERCARD): _____________________
4-Digit (Located in front-right part of the card for AMEX): __________________________
Passport/ID No: ______________________________________________________

    ____________________________                                          __________________
           Cardholder's Signature                                                                      Date