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TravelPH.Com | CELFONE Wireless offers PISO Text Messages
Manny Paez

Walking along the streets of Manila, one would notice a street sign that may appear absurd NO TEXTING WHILE CROSSING THE STREETS.

However, Philippines is the TEXT Capital of the world and the sign is just appropriate.

Most wireless telephone company have offices in the Philippines and they use the country as the testing grounds for the wireless cell phone technology. The passion of Filipinos in cell phone use is so wide spread that every one has his own cell phone.

Cell phone is no longer a luxury in any part of the civilized world. It is now a necessity that one would feel like naked being without one at hand.

As a travel agent , I always notice some lost souls at the airport next to the public phone booth. Most public phones in the Philippines, including that in the airport, does not accept coins. They only accept telephone tokens that is available at most stores. However, tokens are not available at the airport leaving the stranded passenger asking favors to some airport employees who sometimes offer their cell phone to the newly arrived passengers. This situation is no longer necessary.

Manila Forwarders | TravelPH.Com and CELFONE Wireless have joined hands in offering various cell phone services to US clients who are traveling to the Philippines on business or pleasure trip.

Cell Phone rentals are now available for only five dollars a day. It includes a load worth PHP 300. Additional loads are available at cost and can be done just by sending a text message toTravelPH.Coms Manila office.

This new model cell phone will be delivered to the passengers at the airport and will also be picked up at the airport before the passengers flight back to US. Various models are available to choose from.

This service is limited to US bookings only and requires credit card guarantee. There is also a seven day minimum rental requirements.

Aside from phone rentals, TravelPH.Com | CELFONE Wireless also offers Globe and Smart Cell Phone services in the USA.

This would allow US based clients to have two telephone services, a US number and a Philippine number, all in one cell phone. This cell phone will work both in the US and in the Philippines at the fraction of US-based roaming cost.

Clients with existing cell phone contract with Cingular or T-Mobile wireless just have to bring their cell phone to Manila Forwarders | TravelPH.Com office and the company will place a an additional SIM card of Globe or Smart to the existing cell phone.

With this feature, Your Philippine based friends will only spend 1 peso per text to you in the USA instead of the regular PHP 25 that they are spending. Now, they could text you as much as they want for only one peso!

One may also get cell phone loads and accessories at the TravelPH.Com CELFONE wireless locations.

Programs with out any credit check or long-term contract is also available.

For more details, Please call Manila Forwarders | TravelPH.Com CELFONE Wireless at 1-800-210-1019 or visit our website at or www.TravelPH.Com. Interested agents are also welcome.

Contact us at [email protected]



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