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Welcome to Bohol, God's Little Paradise, as it is sometimes called by the Boholanos themselves. This is not fully unjustified, as the island is one of the most diverse and attractive destinations in the Philippines. Within its area of about 4200 square kilometers, it houses countless white sandy beaches, numerous historic churches and watchtowers, enchanting waterfalls and caves, and, unique in the world, its amazing and stunning Chocolate Hills.

Bohol is famous for whale watching, river cruising, smallest primate-Tarsier, Sandugo Festival, beaches, scuba diving, mountain climbing, caving, cambuhat oyster farm (ecotourism activity), Bird watching

Bohol Countryside Day Tour. (Whole Day Tour w/ lunch)

Tour Blood Compact Site ( Tagbilaran City ) - View the spot where the Spaniards and the Filipinos fostered friendly relations through blood. This is considered as the 1st Seed of the United Nations and 1st Treaty of Friendship between the brown and the white race.

Baclayon Church (Baclayon) - Behold an old stone church along with it's religiuos relics dating back to the early 16th century inside the museum. It is considered as one of the oldest stoned church in the Philippines .

Loay Backyard Industry (Loay) - Observe the local craftsmen as they made bolos and other metal crafts. Witness also as the men and women made the Nipa leaves into a roofing materials.

Clarin Ancestral House (Loay) - Visit a typical Boholano home which was declared by the National historical Institute as a heritage site. View the collections of the Clarin Family displayed inside the house.

Tarsier (Loboc) - See the smallest monkey in the world along the Loboc River .

Man Made Forest (Bilar) - Feel the coolness of the air and view the awesome display the thousands Mahogany Tree painstakingly planted by the local people Chocolate Hills (Carmen) - Feast your eyes on the breathtaking work of nature, one thousand two hundred sixty eight (1,268) haycock hills which turn brown during dry season. This is been considered as one of the wonders of the world.

Loboc-Loay River Cruise (Loboc) - View the majestic panorama of the nipa palm plantation along the Loboc - Loay River . Sometimes wild ducks are seen feeding and swimming in the river. While cruising lunch will be serve on board.

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Inclusions and Specifications.

Countryside Tour with visit at the Blood Compact Site - a historical landmark commemorating the 1st treaty of Friendship between the east and the west. Baclayon Church and Museum, Man-made Mahogany Forest, view the 1,268 awesome cone-shaped hills known as The Chocolate Hills from a viewing deck on top of one of the hills. Close encounter with the smallest monkey in the world The Tarsier. Barbeque lunch at the Loboc River while cruising along nipa lined river on board a native catamaran. The river cruise will surely relax both your body and mind as you view the nature's beauty of rolling hills, graceful coconut trees and green nipa palms lining the riverbanks. After the cruise, the tour bring you back to Tagbilaran, after a brief stop to see the backyard industries along the way (nipa weaving and knife making). Back to hotel.

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