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Manila City Tour Visit to historic Rizal park and heads on to the old walled city of Intramuros built during the Spanish colonial period. Within the walls of Intramuros reside the centuries-old San Agustin Church, Fort Santiago , a restored Spanish garrison and the Casa Manila Museum . Tour then to proceeds to the financial center of Makati , passing through the plush residential village of Forbes Park and route to the American Memorial Cemetery . The return trip takes you down Roxas Boulevard by the fabled Manila Bay . Take a step back in time as you experience old Manila within the walled city of Intramuros . This walking tour takes you first through Fort Santiago which served as headquarters of the military might of the Spanish, Americans and Japanese colonizers until its destruction in 1945. The tour then proceeds past the Manila Cathedral, a magnificent feat with its intricate stone carving, stained glass mosaics and rosette windows then to the San Agustin Church, the oldest structure in the Philippines which dates back to 1571 and is home to religious and historical artifacts as well as priceless artworks. Then walk across the street to the Casa Manila, a museum that recreates the lifestyle of the colonial period during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tourist Spot Destinations

Rizal Park
During the Spanish era, which was where the Filipinos-Moslems took refuge after the Spaniards occupied Intramuros in 1571. It was also used as an execution ground by the Spaniards for Filipino rebels and mutineers. It has an area of 58 hectares which runs from Taft Avenue up to the walls of the famous Manila Bay.

Fort Santiago
Marks its entrance on the northwestern trip to Instramuros which started in 1571 and completed nearly 150 years later by Filipino forced labor. The pre-Spanish settlement of Rajah Sulayman was a wooden fort on the ashes of which was built the Spanish fortress which was Spain's major defense position in the island. It looked out on the sea, towards which its canons were trained forward off pirates and invaders. Also known as the "Shrine of Freedom", in memory of the heroic Filipinos imprisoned and killed here during the Spanish and Japanese eras. Partly rebuilt from the ruins of World
War II, it is now a park and promenade housing a resident theaters for both traditional and modern plays.

Valid until March 31, 2018

● Aircon Van transfer (Drop and pick-up within metro manila only)
● Guided tour at the Walled City of Intramuros with Caruaje ride (within fort only)
● Rolling Tour at CCP, PICC, Roxas Blvd., Rizal Park (Luneta) Handicraft Shopping etc.

● Tippings to drivers guide and food servers are non-obligatory

RATES - valid until march 31, 2018
1 Person = Php9,500/pax
2 Person = Ph5,200/pax
3 Person = Php4,000/pax
4 Person = Php3,200/pax
5 Person = Php2,900/pax
6 Person = Php2,800/pax
7 Person = Php2,150/pax
8 Person = Php2,100/pax
9 Person = Php2,000/pax
10 Person = Php1,900/pax
11 Person = Php1,800/pax
12 Person = Php1,750/pax
Rates are subject to change w/out prior notice.

- Reservation Officers have the right to change the above policies when deemed required.
- Final cancellation policy will be upon the said Officer's discretion.
- Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


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