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TravelPH’s Under $2000 Philippine Destinations
By: Manny Paez

TravelPH.Com, a leading under $2,000 budget specialist offers a complete vacation adventure packages that is inclusive of airfare coming from Los Angeles or San Francisco. Other originating points all over the US are also available.

An official delegate of the recent 15th Philippine Travel Mart, TravelPH has met with top resort and hotel executives to make tourist facilities available at the best price possible.

TravelPH, a member of Manila Forwarder Group, represented by Manny Paez and some of its Philippine staff, visited various hotels and resort destinations to make sure that the facilities are appropriate for the discriminating US visitors.

Each resorts and hotels are being inspected regularly by TravelPH personnel to note the improvements and new attractions of each resort.

TravelPH in cooperation with Philippine Airlines, Eva Air, China Airlines and Philippine Hotels and Resorts have prepared discount packages designed for a couple or group tour that is cheaper and more convenient than waiting for your relatives to arrange your own itinerary and bookings.

The package includes meet and assist at the airport, Land Transfer to Hotel, and hotel accommodations with breakfast to some of the top Metro-Manila Hotels of your choice. It also includes a choice of day tour and a three days two nights accommodations in some of the top tourist resort destination of your choice.

This package is highly recommended for balikbayans and friends to allow them to enjoy the convenience of hotel accommodations and exquisite resort amenities before meeting their relatives for this coming Christmas Season. This would also allow their US born children to acclimatize first with the Philippine setting before heading for the provinces.

Old Charms of Manila Half Day Tour

Take a step back in time as you discover the "Charms of Old Manila". The tour starts with a visit to historic Rizal Park, where the remains of our country's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, lie within the cornerstone of Rizal Monument. Tour heads on to the old walled city of Intramuros built during the Spanish colonial period.

The first stop is Fort Santiago which served as headquarters of the military might of the Spanish, American and Japanese colonizers until its destruction in 1945.

Tour then proceeds past the San Agustin Church, the oldest structure in the country which dates back to 1571. The next stop is Casa Manila, a reconstructed 19th century mansion replete with 16th to 19th century furniture and furnishings. Tour moves on to Baluarte de San Diego, the only battery directly facing the sea. The last stop is a visit to the National Museum.

If one decides to see Intramuros at night, there is Lights and Sounds Museum that opens at 6 pm. It showcases a diorama of Philippine History as seen in the eyes of Former Tourism Secretary and Senator Richard Gordon. There is also the Wow Philippines exhibit that features various Regional destinations in the Philippines. Both are free to the public.

Subic Day Tour

One of the top improving destinations is Subic Freeport located about a couple of hours north of Manila. It has added some new attractions like Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure.

It has been a tourist destination known for the Jungle Survival Training Demonstration (JEST), Butterfly Museum, Duty Free Shopping, Horseback riding, American water sports, among others. It will also feature a new Casino that is now under construction.

A whole day educational and adventure package designed for balikbayan family and their guest. It starts with an early morning hotel pick up by an air-conditioned coach for a couple of hours drive north thru the new North Expressway that has been widened and improved. One could stop for a breakfast in one of American style expressway rest stop complete with gas station and fast food chain selections.

Upon arrival at the former US Naval Base Subic, the tour would go to JEST or Jungle Survival School for a demonstration of some survival techniques taught by native Aeta instructors. There is also an aviary and butterfly museum in the compound. One can also order a lunch of sinampalukang manok cooked by the Aetas using bamboo as casserole.

Next destination is Ocean Adventure where visitors can play, ride, or dive with friendly pseudo killer whales along the park. There are a number of shows and attractions available as well as a modern aquarium featuring native species of marine lives. There is also a gift shop and a photo shop where one could order the pictures of you and your family playing with the whales. The tour package includes the park entrance fee but a minimal fee applies for diving and playing with the whales.

Ocean Adventure, a water park and marine sanctuary in Subic Free Port offers a unique experience of swimming with pseudo killer whales.
Photo by: Manny Paez

As part of the package, there is a specially prepared lunch at the famous Gerry’s Grill along the beach. One can also play some water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, among others after lunch for a minimal fee.

Also included in the package is the Subic Shopping adventure where one could avail of tax free shopping in one of its numerous duty free shops. As this is a rolling tour or a vehicle based tour, one could ask the tourist guide to stop at any attraction or store that would fancy you.

Available but not included in the package is the new Zoobic Safari that features a modern Zoo and a Safari ride to a savannah that have tigers and ostrich among others.

Corregidor Day Tour

CORREGIDOR is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. This island fortress, also known as "The Rock," was a key bastion of the Allies during the war under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur which became the headquarters of the Allied forces and also the seat of the Philippine Commonwealth government. This island fortress which now stands as a memorial for the courage, valor, and heroism of the Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II.

Pre-war type streetcars called “tramvias” Photo by: Edilberto Manuel

Local and foreign tourists visit Corregidor almost the whole year round, except during typhoons and inclement weather conditions. Sun Cruises, a tour company operating from the old Hover ferry terminal near the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex along Roxas Boulevard, provides ferry services to Corregidor which normally took an hour from Manila to Corregidor.

Upon arrival at the North Dock of Corregidor, pre-war type streetcars called “tramvias” pick up the visitors for a guided and narrated tour on the island. Included in the tour is a complimentary lunch buffet at the Corregidor Hotel where visitors on the day tour take their noon break before continuing on with their tour in the afternoon. The visitors are then taken back to the ferryboat for their return trip to Manila that departs from Corregidor at 2:30 p.m. There is also tour package which allows visitors desiring to stay overnight or an extended number of days at the Corregidor Hotel.

The tour of Corregidor allows visitors to see the different geographic sectors of the island which includes Topside, Middleside, Bottomside, the Tail End, and Malinta Hill. Some of the important landmarks and scenic attractions that visitors are taken to include: The Mile-Long Barracks, Old Spanish Lighthouse, Pacific War Memorial, Gen. MacArthur Park, Filipino-American Friendship Park, Filipino Heroes Memorial, Middleside Barracks, Parade Ground, Malinta Tunnel, and a number of gun emplacements.

Battery way. Photo by: Randy Victoriano

Visitors who come to Corregidor are rewarded with the opportunity to learn on site about the historical and patriotic significance of this small tadpole-shaped island. It allows one not only a chance to learn from the lessons of the past but also to relive the heroism and sacrifices of the American and Filipino soldiers who defended the island against invading Japanese forces during the Second World War.

Discovering The Island - Aside from the historic landmarks, ruins, new buildings and structures in Corregidor, there is actually more to see and discover within the island. Joining the short guided tour of Corregidor is just not enough to see the many other hidden or less seen scenic sights. To really enjoy one's stay in Corregidor, more time is needed to experience all that it has to offer. The whole island is green all over with its forest and lush vegetation. There are a variety of flowers and orchids and a few animals such as monkeys, wild native chicken and birds that have been brought over to populate the island. Although most of the roads in the island are two-lane concrete pavements, there is no traffic, no traffic lights and signs, not even a single policeman ... simply because there are only a few vehicles that are primarily used for transporting visitors around the island plus those that are used for maintaining the grounds and facilities of the island. And most of all, the peace and quiet, the beautiful sunrise, and magnificent sunset are some of the treats that visitors who come to Corregidor will truly appreciate.

Overnight accommodations are also available upon request.

Villa Escudero, Tiaong, Quezon Province

A functioning old Spanish hacienda opened by its gracious owners for the public to enjoy, Villa Escudero is a showcase of the old and new Philippine culture that is highly recommended for tourist friends and young Filipino-Americans who would like to experience the rich Filipino culture in a traditional setting.

Located a couple of hours scenic drive south of Manila, Villa Escudero is a Resort facility with swimming pools, basketball court, tennis court, karaoke shop, museum, lagoon, and its own power plant. A tour of the Resort on board a carabao drawn cart while being serenaded by local crooners is a hit among foreigners. The tour inclusive buffet lunch below the falls is very unique as visitors get their feet wet while eating lunch in the river. There is also a daily filipiniana show in the afternoon.

Villa Escuderos Museum offers a unique display of Philippine Heritage as it features priceless collection of the family.

Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan is about two hours drive scenic south of Manila on board an air-conditioned coach accompanied by a licensed tour guide. There is an exciting boat ride going to the falls that abounds with tropical vegetation punctuated by trickling falls. It is a swift down river ride thru several rapids as boatmen expertly steer your bancas past boulders. An action adventure hit!

Lunch will be served at Pagsanjan George & Falls Resort.

Taal Volcano Trekking

This ecology package is designed for nature lovers who would like to get away for a day. It is a one hour scenic drive South of Manila and a forty five minute boat transfer to the active island volcano. There is a lunch served at Villa Amparo

Resort in Talisay. Horseback ridding is also available upon request. Complimentary bottled water included.

Boracay Resort

TravelPH executives just inspected the whole Boracay Island and have found a Mecca for convenience and world class accommodations at Pink Patio Resort.

Located in Station 2 in Malay, Caticlan, Aklan. Pink Patio Resort has just undergone a major renovation that features exclusive walkway to the beach, brand new air-conditioned rooms, Miami Vice Party-style swimming pool and Jacuzzi, massage room, rock climbing wall, function rooms, and the friendliest staff in the island.

The package includes air transfer from Manila to the Resort with three days two nights’ accommodations with buffet breakfast.

Activities abound at this beautiful island resort as new attractions were added like discovery scuba, scuba certification, jet skiing, banana boat ride, Para gliding, island hopping, snorkeling, and world class spa at Mandalay Bay.

Palawan Islands

Philippines’ last frontier, Palawan Group of Islands has something to offer for your unique personality and mood.

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, TravelPH has arrange with two of the top Palawan destinations to be included in the under $2,000 budget travel.
There is a choice between Club Noah Isabelle in the southern part of the Island and Dive Link and Kokosnuss Resorts in the northern part.

Club Noah Isabelle

Located in Apulit Island in the southern part of Palawan. Club Noah Isabelle is a honeymooners and family destination. There is a Metro-Manila hotel pick up for an early flight via SeaAir or Asian Spirit to Sandoval Airport, Taytay, Palawan. From the airport, Club Noah staff will accompany you on a 45 minutes jeepney ride to the mouth of Taytay River where you would transfer to a speed boat and banca for a 30 minute Amazon River like cruise before reaching the grandeur of the resort.

Upon arrival at the resort, a guest activity coordinator will be assigned to each guest to arrange ones personal itinerary while in the island resort.

Club Noah Isabelle’s air-conditioned cabanas are directly in the water allowing guests to enjoy Palawan’s pristine waters from the boardwalk or from your own balcony.

Accommodations will be in an air-conditioned water cabana overlooking the ocean with various species of marine life playing under ones hut.

The resort features romantic caves, ocean corals and cathedrals, nightly entertainments, professional dive staff, and friendly resort staff.

Activities include diving, snorkeling, island hopping, picnic lunch, fishing, sunset cruise, cave explorations, kayaking, and fish feeding among others.

All activities, accommodations, and meals are included in the package. Extra fee applies to drinks and scuba activities.

Busuanga and Coron, Palawan

Located in the Northern tip of the islands, Busuanga and Coron is the perfect getaway for nature lovers, divers, and adventurers.

An hour and a half flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport followed by an hour jeepney ride, this nature’s sanctuary is home to more than ten dive wreck spots, natural hot springs, hidden lakes and caves, and the Calauit Islands Animal Sanctuary.

TravelPH have signed a deal with two of the top resorts in the area to provide clients a choice in their accommodations as the area is so diverse and so wide.

Dive Link

Dive link is located in an island overlooking Coron Town. An island resort situated in the middle of the attractions between Coron Island and the Calamianes Group of Islands, the name speaks for itself.

The attractions in Coron Island to the east of the resort includes hidden caves and lakes, Japanese wreck dive sites, natural hot spring, and of course the quite fishing town of Coron.

To the west about an hour away is the Calamianes Group of Islands where most of the Japanese wrecks are found. It is also the home of the local pearl farms and the Dive link’s sister resort the Coral Bay, which is also the home of the resort owners, the Mata family.

The resort offers the feeling of a comfortable home away from home and its proximity to Coron town on an island setting. It features air-conditioned huts, excellently designed swimming pool and function rooms.


A Resort located in the town of suburb barangay in Coron, Kokosnuss Resort is a German owned alternative accommodation that was featured in the book Lonely Planet for its affordable rates and unique mix of native settings with a European twist.

It features native air-conditioned rooms with exquisitely designed private bath. It also features a European style communal bath and lush gardens. It is located next to Coron airstrip and offers no beach front.

The TravelPH Advantage

TravelPH.Com is a full service travel agency that specializes in Philippine Travel Trips from various countries to the Philippines for under $2000 budget. However, it also offers the best packages and destinations available for the discriminating travelers.

TravelPH maintains an office both in the United States and Manila to provide the best rates and customer service possible. The company also maintains a close liaison with hotel and resort operators to update its clients with the latest developments, the best rates possible for your money, and close liaison either your in the USA or in the Philippines.

For details visit TravelPH.Com or call 1.800.210.1019 for the US office or 323.302.4123 for a local call to its Manila Office.

TravelPH is a member of Manila Forwarder Group.

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