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Welcome to Boracay!

Water Fun. The beach beckons for some serious swimming, or just wading by the shore. For the more active vacationer, windsurfing and parasailing gear are readily available. Go sailing with the help of local sailors who are acutely attune to the rhythms of the sea. You can also try diving off Laurel Island.

Diving. The underwater world of Boracay is particularly interesting because of its rich marine life which is highly visible against the pure, white sand. Coral reefs still continue to thrive around the island. Diving and snorkelling gear (including diving trips for the seasoned diver and lessons for the neophytes) are available at many diving centers or establishments in the island. Among the notable ones are Calypso Diving and the Red Coral Diving School.

Mountain Biking. This sports has also gain popularity in the island. Guided mountain biking trips which cover Boracay's environs or nearby islands are available to the neophyte as well as the seasoned biker. Mountain bikes are available for rent at most sports centers in Boracay.

Boracay Sunset. Watching the sunset right on White Beach is one of the highlights of a Boracay trip. The breathtaking display of colors in the sky is spectacular and unique as it blends with Boracay's horizon.

Star Gazing. In Boracay, there's plenty of room to sit back and look to the heavens for inspiration. Whether you're mooning over a sea of stars, watching the parade of white clouds, or basking in moonlight, be sure to keep your eyes open for a falling star. The visual delights never end specially at every setting of the sun, when the sun cries out in blazing, flaming colors, before it is finally laid to sleep.

Beachcombing. There are over a dozen beaches dotting the islands. Bamboo outriggers ferry guests for a small fee. The choices are many: White Beach, Diniwid, Balinghai Beach, Manoc-manoc Beach and Cagban Beach among others. Work on your tan, read a book, relax.

Saddle Up. Stables are located near White Beach. Head towards the caves of Yapak, or just go where the horse takes you. Bicycles are also up for rent. Riders are advised to stay on inland paths.

Restaurant Hopping. The gourmet may be surprised at the treat that awaits in Boracay. Numerous restaurants, mostly located right at the beach front, serve sumptuous international cuisine - American, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, French, Spanish, Thai and Filipino. Seafood dripping fresh straight from the sea; fresh fruits and juices-heavenly to taste! wine and liquor choice is wide as well.

Nightlife. Spend the last hours of the day at any of Boracay's bars or discos. Beer in hand, you can dance in the sand with a few brilliant fireflies. If this seems too rowdy for your taste, take a stroll in the beach by the moonlight.

Souvenir Shopping. Do reserve some time for souvenir shopping. A wide choice of locally handpainted, tiedyed or batik clothing (caps, sarongs, shirts, shorts), shellcraft, paintings by local artists, and other island mementos are available at the beachfront stalls or talipapa. Haggling is being practiced and even encouraged.

What To Do

:: scuba diving :: kayak and paddle boats :: snorkelling
:: swimming :: pool table :: table tennis
:: beach badminton :: beach volleyball :: boating and fishing trips
:: sunset cruises :: nightclubbing :: karaoke
:: par 72 world class golf :: jetskiing :: waterskiing
:: windsurfing :: sailing :: para-sailing
:: banana boat :: island boat tour :: bike/scooter hire
:: shopping :: motorbike hire :: 10-pin bowling


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