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Cebu, Philippines

Alegre...the Spanish word for happiness, contentment...

Alegre Beach Resort is an internationally known five-star resort nestled in the charming town of Sogod, on the northern coast of Cebu.

Alegre's cottages are set in a lush, tropical hillside, many parts of which can offer ocean views and private gardens. The resort boasts of a coconut grove and three private coves with pristine white sand beaches. Sea cruising and diving are popular pastimes; both easily enjoyed through the use of the resort yacht, the Pathfinder, and the beachfront house reef which features a 100-feet wall dive.

A place that beckons of long lazy days and tranquil nights...

A world removed from the cares and trappings of daily life.

A place which sets you free to do and enjoy things out of the ordinary in convivial setting of sun, sea and sand...

Laze in a hammock under the palm trees, dive or snorkel for a look-see at beautiful marine life, explore the resort by pathways or jetskies or simply enjoy Alegre's beautiful tropical setting...

At the Pavilion restaurant and lounge bar, one can dine al fresco on the terrace or inside the air-conditioned room.

Release the gourmet in you. Savor the aroma and taste of delectable seafood dishes, exotic drinks and an array of continental fare available daily. This is as you bask in sunlight on the terrace or poolside. At dinner, enjoy shows that vividly portray the island's colorful folkways.

Pamper yourself with comforts and luxuries meticulously created by people who care. In air-conditioned cottages replete with amenities seldom found elsewhere. Lose yourself in the enveloping arms of nature...its scents, stunning colors and lyrical sounds inside your room or right outside your cottage door. Alegre is your haven of nature.

Take the resort's yacht to Calangaman Island. Frolic on the sandbar which fades away beneath the blue waters when the tide comes in. This splendid island in the magnificent waters of central Philippines is a leisurely two-hour cruise from Alegre. On the way back, watch the dolphins leaping around the yacht.

As a nature haven, Alegre also takes pride in its dive sites, where one could leisurely swim through breathtaking coral gardens bursting with color and marine life. Start at the house reef dive site. It features the 100-foot wall and the bridge drops, sea turtles, hordes of clown and angel fish and dancing corals await you. Or go farther out to Cuatro Islas or Tulang Islands for the Eagle Rays and schools of large pelagic fishes.

Alegre offers various activities to suit each guest's mood or preference...A golfgreen, gameroom and library, a tennis court, an orchid farm, for trekkers, there are itineraries to choose from...

Sunrise at Alegre is always a spectacular dawning of a new day. The glimmer on the still ocean suddenly flashes into sunlight.

Come. Alegre beckons.

Distance From The Airport : 75 kms. (90 minutes by car)
Distance From The City : 66 kms. (85 minutes by car)


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