Club Paradise - Palawan

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Palawan Island, Philippines

One of Asia's Eden

A tropical shangri-la nestled upon a coral jewel set amidst Palawan's sparkling turquoise waters. Comely and idyllic, this island resort is a perfect hideaway for those who seek both relaxation and discovery.

Blessed with 700-metres of sun kissed talcum soft white sand beach, this island resort serves as a sanctuary to hundreds of various flora and fauna in various hues, in different forms. Luxuriate in the cozy atmosphere - the warm smiles, the gracious service, the excellent facilities and the sumptuous food.

Click here to watch Travel PhilippinesIndulge in activities closest to nature: swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, paddling, fishing and hiking for the active and sunset cruising, stargazing and bird watching for the idle.

Explore the wonders and beauty of nearby islands.Visit local attractions such as Asia's only safari island, the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary or the awe inspiring Cayangan lake, the cleanest lake in the Philippines or the invigorating Maquinit hot spring. Discover the mysteries and history of the authentic World War II shipwrecks of Coron and the famous Apo Reef.

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Club Paradise. Where possibilities are blissful, endearing and endless.

"There is so much at Club Paradise that sets it apart from the others. Not least that it is a 19ha world-class resort on the island of Dimakya and a destination in itself...The beach cottages come with private terraces to take advantage of the remarkable views of karst limestone cliffs looming up from shimmering placid waters. Playing castaway is made easy and the resort will even deliver food for a picnic before ensuring you are left discreetly alone. Robinson Crusoe never had it so good."

- "Beaching about Asia", East Magazine
Vol.1 Issue No.4, September 1999

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