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Coron Palawan, Philippines


DiveLink Resort is your link to volcanic lakes, tropical jungles, caves, and some of the best preserved World War II wrecks in Asia. Take a short 10min banca ride from Coron town and you'll find a cozy resort sitting on a sheltered hillside. Welcome to DiveLink Resort. Your best start-off point to a thrilling Palawan adventure...more

what to do

Coron Town
Visit the market, the pottery and shell craft shops and end with a 30-minute trek up Tapyas for a scenic view of the harbor and limestone cliffs.

Coron Island Snorkel in quiet lagoons. Kayak along mangroves and limestone cliffs.

Kayangan Lake - Cleanest lake in the Philippines, the picture-perfect Kayangan Lake emerges after one walks up a mountain trail. Along the way is a perfect lookout point.

Maquinit Hot Springs - Flowing salt water spring spools that give therapeutic benefit.

Dive Tours - Plunge into any of the wreck sites or bays where coral reefs thrive. For more info, visit this link: www.divecal.com

Island Hopping - Choose your own island to explore such as Black Island and Debatok Island.

Caves and Mangroves -- Home to Palawan's diverse wildlife, mangroves are perfect kayak destinations. In the area, visit Malbinchilao caves.

Calauit - Wildlife park where one can enjoy the sight of giraffes, zebras and animals endemic to Palawan like the Calamian deer, bearcat, mousedeer, porcupine and Palawan peacock.

Culion -
Discover the island's old church that overlooks the harbor and a museum depicting the history of the island as a leper colony.


DiveLink Resort is jointly-owned by Noel Matta, Bobong Velez and Henri Blaszkiewicz. It's the perfect jump-off point if you want to dive the World War II wrecks in Coron, Debatok Island, the Bintuan Coral Gardens and Coron's little-known coves teeming with marine life. Dive Link will happiliy make arrangements for you should you wish to go diving

There are several types of cottages from single, one-room affairs to four-room cottages that can fit an entire family and some of their cousins.

Cottages are named after the fruit-bearing trees found on the property. There are 7 bungalows: one room with 2 single beds, toilet and shower. There are 4 garden suites with 2 rooms sharing a toilet and shower. Twin beds in each room. One cottage has 4 rooms sharing 3 toilets and showers. A large cottage on the hill has 3 rooms, each with a toilet and shower. Our new family cottage atop a hill on the western end of the resort offers 5 rooms each with a toilet and shower. *limited airconditioned rooms available.

Minimalist in landscaping, the gardens complement the coconut trees and fruit bearing trees: flowering shrubs lend a dash of color. All furniture in the cottages are of bamboo and were made on site. The "Coconut Grove Restaurant" looks out into the bay and is framed by coconut trees. Sit and watch the dive boats and fishing vessels go by in the morning. At dusk, watch the birds come back to roost in the resort's trees around the restaurant.

Dinner and all other meals are served in the large pavilion atop the resort. Lunch is ala carte as most of the guests are away on some island adventure but breakfast and dinners are usally served buffet-style. Dinner is a great time for socializing with other guests and the rest of the Matta family.

A swimming pool below the pavilion is designed with scuba diving in mind. Guests who are still learning the ropes can have their lessons or do some practice dives in the pool before setting out to open sea. On certain nights or whenever the guest wishes, dinner can be served by the pool. Relax at day's end pool-side: enjoy a cool fresh coconut juice at "Water's Edge Bar". Jump into the refreshing water. Or catch the sunset from the end of the pier.


DiveLink Resort - Uson Island, Coron, Palawan

Your link to volcanic lakes, tropical jungles, caves and some of the best-preserved World War II wrecks in Asia.

Take a short 10-minute banca ride from Coron town and you'll find a cozy resort sitting on a sheltered hillside. Welcome to DiveLink Resort.

From DiveLink Resort, you can easily reach more than 80 islands with white sand beaches, coral beds, caves, tropical jungles and dramatic cliffs. Around the resort are waters that are keepers of the best-preserved World War II wrecks in Asia! Dive and explore sunken Japanese freighters or snorkel and marvel at a few that lie in shallow depths

By sunset, retreat to DiveLink Resort and rest for a while in one of the seafront cottages or go straight to the center pavilion where a hearty meal awaits you. You may enjoy a cup of hot coffee, sit back and take in the impressive view of Coron Bay or simply watch resort guests engage in diving lessons at the specially designed swimming pool

How to get there

The trip from Manila by air to Busuanga is a 55 minute flight which gets you into YKR-Busuanga airport on Seair (visit http://www.flyseair.com) or Asian Spirit. The airport is in the middle of a cattle ranch now held by the government's Bureau of Animal Industry. Land transfer to Coron town is on the jeep shuttle service, a 45-minute ride through verdant countryside.

Or, take the WG&A ferry (visit http://www.wgasuperferry.com) from Manila to Coron: vessel departs North Harbor Pier 15 on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. Early Saturday morning arrival in Coron at 7:30 a.m. ready for an exhilarating week-end in Coron and Busuanga, for those who will return to Manila the same week-end, the vessel departs Coron on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. and arrives Manila at 7:00 a.m. Monday

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