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The Ifugao Rice Terraces was inscribed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST in 1995 ""because of its great beauty that expresses conquered and conserved harmony between humankind and the environment.""

This primitive agricultural engineering feat is well known all over the world. The culture of Igorots ( native folks of Banawe) is very unique and has been in a number of TV documentaries. Mesmerize with their tribal rituals, weave a blanket with the locals, and if one is lucky enough, you might be invited to a tribal kaniao or a grand feast.

There are five major rice terraces listed which are similar yet distinct from one another:

BANAUE. This is the most famous of all the sites. It is the artistic center of the Ifugao carvers and the Ikat weavers.

BATAD. Located also in Banaue, it is home to the spectacular tiered, amphitheater-shaped terraces.

MAYOYAO. Located in Banaue. The organic Ifugao rice, Tinawon, in red and white variety, is harvested here in abundance.

HAPAO. Its stone-walled rice terraces date back to 650 AD and is located in Hungduan. Mt. Napulawan is located here.

KIANGAN. It is home to two famous rice terraces sites known for their size and visual impact: Nagacadan and Julungan.

The TravelPH.Com Banawe package includes:

1) Air conditioned Land Transfer from Manila

2) 2 nights hotel accomodations

3) Full board meals

4) sight seing tours

Note: Minimum of 2 pax


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