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General Travel Tips

· You can use our 24-Hr Customer Support if you have inquiries before making any reservations.
· TravelPH.Com provides online reservation. You can fill out online forms
· Book as early as you can and avoid rush reservations. Advise complete details: routing, airline, booking class and other necessary information on your accommodations for immediate processing.
· Please ask for your confirmation and/or flight itinerary. If there are any changes, be able to advise as soon as possible.
· Take note of your record locator/reservation number/itinerary and option date (deadline) to pay for your ticket. Payment is usually on of before the option date.
· Advise any special requests or any any special handling you might need for the flight as early as possible.
· Always leave proper contact information so we may advise you of any important information or unexpected flight disruptions.
· Always ask for the complete contact details of your travel agent in cases of emergency or assistance.
· If you are traveling with a child or infant, advise the ticketing agent of the date of birth of child/infant so you may avail of the discounted fare.
· In purchasing airline tickets for an elderly passenger or a minor who will not be accompanied on the flight, please advise your ticketing agent to ensure that they are assisted on board.
· Unaccompanied Minors from ages 4 to 12 years must be escorted to the airport until time of departure. Please ask your airline on this matter.
· Some airlines request the following passengers to present a medical certificate fit for air travel: Expectant Mothers, Passengers with a medical condition or ailment.
· Please advise if you will require special assistance such as wheelchair or oxygen.
· Please check TravelPH.Com Payment Policies for other necessary information.
Before Leaving Home/Departure
· Try to check-in 3 hours before your flight. If you have not checked-in before the required allowable time, your confirmed reservation shall be released to waitlisted passengers.
· Check for the airline baggage allowance. Avoid too much baggage, bring only the necessary things that you need.
· Know what's inside your baggage for your own protection.
· Do not forget to put your name and your destination in your luggages. In case of lost the finder can return it immediately. It is also a good thing to have padlocks in your suitcase to avoid lost.
· Have your passport photocopied, if you are travelling overseas, and pack it in a different place than the original. It the passport is lost or stolen, the photocopy may serve as proof that you have a valid passport.
· At the airport, be alert and listen to the boarding announcements.
· Prepare your boarding pass and always keep your ticket.
· Rest well the day before your flight; Have a light meal; Avoid liquor /alcohol to help your body cope with pressure changes; Make sure you are not suffering from a cold to avoid ear pain;
· Do not bring large amounts of money with you. As much as possible, bring only the minimum amount you need and the credit card(s) you use.
· If you are on tour or vacation, it is good to have a travel book, brochures or leaflets while you travel. You can use them to know the cheapest hotels, restaurants and best food about your destination.
· Pay attention to the safety announcements on board.
· Before deplaning, check your seat pockets, you don't want to leave anything behind.
On Your Arrival
· If you checked-in baggage, prepare your claim tags and proceed to the Baggage Claim Area.
· Present baggage and claim tags to the authorities upon exit.

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